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California Wildfires Already 26% Worse in 2021: How to Prepare

california wildfire in a pine forest with patches of flames in the brush underneath the tree canopy

The Californian Wildfire Season has already burned 19,070 acres 2021 resulting in a 26% increase from 2020’s numbers between the time period of January 1st through June 13th.

2020 alone saw five out of the ten largest wildfires on record; the largest being the August Complex fire which burned over 1 million acres. This alarming increase raises the need for Californians to make sure they’re properly prepared.

While the destruction to property and the natural landscape is deeply upsetting, many people aren’t aware of the additional consequences wildfires cause.

At 4C Air, we compiled the latest CAL FIRE resources to prepare and protect against wildfires in a user-friendly webpage which you can visit here:

California Wildfires: Top resources for the upcoming fire season.

This resource page includes resources from CAL FIRE’s “Ready, Set, Go” program which includes useful information such as:

An interactive fire map of current wildfires
How to develop a wildfire action plan
Items and supplies to have in your emergency kit
How to create a family communication plan
How to harden your home against wildfires

This is a free resources that uses information compiled from CAL Fire with free downloadable checklists and other useful media.

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