Ambient air pollution accounts for an estimated 4.2 million deaths every year caused from fires, smog, and other hazardous airborne particles.

Our Mission

9 out of 10 people in the world breath dangerous air that exceeds acceptable WHO limits.

According to the WHO, the combined effects of ambient (outdoor) and household air pollution cause about seven million premature deaths every year, largely as a result of increased mortality from stroke, heart disease, chronic obstructive pulmonary disease, lung cancer and acute respiratory infections.

4C Air is devoted to changing this. Our goal is to improve the lives of those affected by poor air quality by providing safer, cleaner air through innovative nanotechnology products and solutions.

Our Nanotechnology

Using nanotechnology developed at Stanford University, 4C Air has created a patented nanomaterial that is optimal for filtration applications.

Compared to traditional filtration material, 4C Air nanotechnology provides exceptional filtering of hazardous particles at PM2.5 and below while allowing impressively low air resistance. 

We continue to develop new applications for this revolutionary form of media in hopes to improve personal air quality around the world. 

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Protect every breath.