4C Air has partnered with Unite4India and the Sadanah Foundation to fight the COVID-19 crisis in India.

How to get involved:

4C Air will be donating our next generation Airetrust nanomasks and 100% of the proceeds from our Unite4India campaign to the Sadanah Foundation to help support families and workers on the frontlines in India.  

To get involved and help us provide critical supplies and resources to those in India, you can help through one of the options below:

  • Purchase any “100% Proceeds” mask option and we’ll send you your masks with 100% of the proceeds going to Unite4India.
  • Purchase any “Unite4India Mask Donation” option and we’ll send any masks you purchase directly to Unite4India.
  • View our “Other Ways to Help” section below.
Unite4India Mask Donation Campaign 4C Air

Donation Options

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India's COVID-19 Crisis:

As COVID-19 spreads throughout India, devastation is occurring in hospitals across the country wh are pleading for medical supplies. 

India’s Health Ministry recently reported 401,993 new infections, the highest number of new cases reported yet in a single country in a 24-hour span. 

Despite being the world’s leading producer of vaccines, only an estimated 2% of the India’s population has been vaccinated. Delhi hospitals have resorted to sending SOS messages on social media to secure supplies. 

Help us get support where it’s most needed. 

Unite4India & Sadanah Foundation

Unite4India is a campaign to combat COVID-19 in India by distributing funds, supplies & medical support to NGOs & hospitals on the frontlines. 

The Sadanah Foundation is a 5013c non-profit organization who’s focused on building sustainable access to healthcare & education globally.  Every organization they work with is fully vetted.  

Help us reach our donation goal of 1 million masks.
Masks donated 4%

Other Ways to Help

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Something as simple as a clicking a button can help get this message to others who can make an impact.  

Visit Our Partner

Click the button below to visit the Unite4India resource page by the Sadanah Foundation. 

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