NIOSH Respirator Testing

Precertification Respirator Tests - NIOSH

4C Air is a NIOSH recommended testing lab that has extensive experience performing NIOSH tests that comply with NIOSH testing standards and US 42 CFR 84 filter assessments. 

For organizations looking to obtain NIOSH precertification for N95, N99, N100, P95, P99, P100, R95, R99, R100 and all classes of non-valved respirators. Our results have been successfully used for NIOSH precertification and can help you achieve respirator approval. 

Results can be provided as quick as 3 business days. 

N95 Respirator Samples for Testing NIOSH precertification
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Why is NIOSH precertification testing needed?

Before and after receiving NIOSH certification, manufacturers must abide by NIOSH CA 2021-1034 which requires regular NIOSH lab testing during the initial application, for quality assurance after certification is received, and/or for contracted agreements. 

NIOSH Air Filtration Rating - How We Test

Tests will be conducted with a TSI 8130A “Automated Filter Tester”, using NaCl as the aerosol (0.26 um mass mean diameter, 0.075 um count median diameter). For mask samples, 4C Air can perform a loading test to determine the minimum efficiency, if necessary. Mask samples will be tested using 85 L/min flow rate.

Testing for oil-based aerosols can be requested, please contact us for more information

Testing is compliant with the standard testing procedures (STPs) set by NIOSH

NPPTL Tests - Face Masks & Respirators

For organizations looking to verify international non-NIOSH masks and respirators, we can provide a certified results in a quick and timely manner.