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4C Air aids in triboelectric research for homemade masks

Many companies and organizations shifted objectives during the pandemic and focused assisting healthcare personnel with needed PPE that was in short supply.

While hospitals and other frontline workers were receiving N95 respirators, KN95 face masks, and other high-filtration equipment, the general public was advised to use alternatives face masks.

4C Air researchers, with the aid of other prominent scientists at the CDC, Stanford University, and others, focused on providing research into homemade masks and materials advised for use by the general public.

The full study, published in Nano Letters, ranks multiple types of mask materials by measuring their filtration under various circumstances.

A few interesting things were discovered producing extremely curious results.

The team tested a method called the triboelectric effect to see if it improved filtration efficacy.

The Triboelectric Effect involves using simple static electricity to place a charge on a material. .

The results were extremely curious. Some common household mask materials decreased filtration while others improved.

You can read more about the findings of the study using link below:

Household Materials Selection for Homemade Cloth Face Coverings and Their Filtration Efficiency Enhancement with Triboelectric Charging

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