Safer, cleaner, more breathable.

Introducing the next generation kids face mask.

The 4C Air Nano Mask for Kids

Thin, comfortable design. Allows exceptional filtration without the heavy breathing restriction.


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Voted top filtering face mask for kids!

Unparalleled Breathability

The 4C Air nano mask for kidsallows nearly 3x lower resistance than similar filtering respirators and masks thanks to our innovative graphene-free nanomaterial.

Exceptional Protection

Thanks to our patented nanotechnology, the 4C Air mask filters up to 99% of airborne containments.

Trusted by Science

This new nanomaterial was developed by leading professors at Stanford University and has passed rigorous filtration testing standards.


Our patented nanofiber material allows the creation of a paper-thin filtration layer with superior protection from airborne hazards. The microscopic nanofibers block the most dangerous particles PM2.5 and below.

Happy customers and counting!

"4C Air masks are simply amazing. I get the protection I need in my field and they are so much more breathable than other masks I've worn."

Mary W.

Healthcare Provider

"The fit is good and they allow me to breath a lot easier than some others. I would recommend these products to anyone and have sent several to my family members"

Harris M.

Retired DDS

4C Air is a trusted research facility and part of the W.H.O. DeMaND team that has aided in research with the CDC and Stanford University during the pandemic for mask research.

Our mission is to provide the world with safer, cleaner air through innovative nanotechnology products and solutions.