At 4C Air, you will work with a close group of scientists and engineers to design and produce novel nanomaterial based products for filtration. While we aim to keep 4C Air a lean and efficient company, we are always interested in acquiring new talent that can help us take our product to market. Below are the current open positions.

Responsibilities and Duties
  • Produce novel filtration media based on given standard operating procedures
  • Characterization of filtration media using a variety of standard materials science techniques
  • Maintain and operate the pilot production line, including optimizations for different materials
  • Regular reporting of results to the research team
  • Occasionally work flexible hours pending on production schedule

Qualifications and Skills
  • Work authorization
  • B.S. (minimum) in materials science, chemical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemistry, or physics
  • Comfortable around large tools, instruments, and chemicals
  • Attention to detail and able to accomplish daily work with limited supervision
  • Collaborative team member and has excellent communication skills
  • Experience with polymer materials is a plus
  • Bilingual skills in English and Chinese is a plus

Qualified applicants should send a brief cover letter stating interest and resume below.